weird adventures

Date: 6/7/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was in a car with the neighbor and ryan. He was driving. Suddenly he took a wrong turn in a creepy place and stopped by where there was a lot of abandoned cars and it was secluded. I was nervous and worried because a japanese guy came out from hiding and walked towards us. I knew he was evil. He opened the car door and flung it open and sat down on the passangers side while i was in the back. The neighbor tried talking to him but it wasnt working. I said outloud "im going to grab the gun" to scare off the guy and the neighbor said "yeah grab it" and i fumbled around a suitcase making it look like i was looking for a gun but then the japanese guy took out his own gun, pointed it to the neighbor and shot him in the head. I screamed and took ryan out of the car. I couldn run with him tho we were helpless. Suddenly the scenery changed and i was around a big house and it was night time. I was on a scavenger hunt. I walked to the back towards the washers and opened it to look for something. Ot was full of wet white socks so i tried to move them without making much noise because someone was coming. I was using a pen flashlight to help me. Then someone did come so i had to hide behind a car. After a while i heard moaning and clothes moving fast so i got out of hiding to look. It was a girl and she was masturbating with her hand down her jeans moving it fast. I shone the flashlight on her and she still wouldnt stop. I got creeped out because she was at an odd possessed looking angle so i left. Then i was on a bed sleeping outside the house. It was daytime and some people were playing basketball in the street. One of them was joshua my professor so he noticed me and came over. I had those wires on my arm and a tube like ryan so josh layed on the bed too and slept with me as a way to comfort me. Then i woke up.