Lightning Dot Burrowing Grub

Date: 5/31/2019

By -Frelsun-

We perched on the balcony of a three-story building, our four separate guns held loosely in our hands. Every other building in the desert city was only two stories high, and the roofs were so closely packed that one could easily walk from one end of a block to the other without ever touching the ground. This was to our advantage. Our targets were out and to the right from our balcony. 4 musicians playing band instruments on the roof of a church. Deciding to make our move, we hopped down a floor onto a roof. However, instead of taking aim, the gang leader started sprinting towards the musicians, so I followed behind him. The musicians were the heart and blood of the city; so long as they played, the citizens would live. We were here to end them. As we slowed to a stop in front of them, we pulled the ammo out of our guns. We were going to shoot them with insects, all of them venomous. A mosquito, a wasp, an enhanced scorpion, and the worst by far, a Lightning Dot burrowing Grub. Now if you recall, burrowing grubs burrow into skin, and move around underneath it, eating your muscles, ligaments, and tendons as they go. They were used as a torture method in some stories. A Lightning Dot burrowing grub does something similar, but incredibly fast. I held the burrowing grub in tongs, far away from me, and realized we were now in the small front lawn of my house. The four of us gang members prepared to set the insects on our victims' necks. My victim wat in a chair, playing a cello, clueless to the torture he was soon to endure. First, the mosquito was dropped. The man didn't even seem to notice, but may have grunted a bit. Next the wasp. This man probably stopped plaing sharply, and cursed. Then, the enhanced scorpion, large and glinting purple, descended on its prey, and bit. This man most likely screamed in pain, collapsing on the grass, and became paralyzed as he fell unconcious. Last, the Lightning Dot burrowing grub. I dropped it quickly and backed up, and I remember every detail. The man seemed magically trapped, suspended in life, while he burrowing grub zoomed around his insides, eating everything. He was extracted, just as Aradia had once done and inflicted on people. He was eaten until he was only bones from the neck down, in agony as he couldn't die for another second, then dropped, lifeless. Us exterminators grimaced, and I wish it hadn't happened at times.