Cats, church, blonde Swedish dude

Date: 9/4/2019

By DreamBabyCloud

Dreamt my cats kept getting out of my motel room. But then I’d call them and they’d come. But it caused me a great deal of stress. People - young 20 or 30 somethings, kept opening my window and trying to get in for various and odd reasons. A Swedish guy worked nearby. He wanted to get with me, but I didn’t care that much. He did have an interesting job of some type of difficult graphic design using real time physical models. I couldn’t easily wrap my head around it.. Also, wanted to take a shower and went to where I thought it was. But then this big beautiful and magnificent church came into view and my shower was right in the middle of it. I asked myself could I really shower with all these church goers arriving. I decided not. Also, nautical themed cookies with icing. A girl stuck her finger in the icing and I said, how dare someone build a church where my shower is! I laughed and we were about to become friends when I awoke.