{1 Dream} Contemplating My Dreams [Lucid] (Sun May, 7 2017)

Date: 5/7/2017

By Sorrnin

I am walking through a building and then I am in a theater and I see that BTS is having a concert (they are a Kpop boy group) and I am like wait what BTS I must be dreaming. (I have never been to a BTS concert, but I really want to!!!) The dream starts to fade a little so I spin around. (that has helped me in other lucid dreams before) Then I almost bump into this guy and as soon as I look at him, I instantly like him and want to have sex with him and I know he has the same feeling, so we go into this bathroom and have sex. Then me and him are at a store and we buy some lube. Then I am talking with friends from church about how I am totally different in my dreams than I am in real life, like how no one would know from my dreams that I am a Christian because I act like a total slut in my dreams. Then I see the same guy I had sex with earlier and I go up to him and start making out with him. Then I go back to talking with my friends and one of my friends asks how do you kiss so good? And I say I don't know I have never kissed before in real life and I have never had sex either. (How the heck do I have dreams about sex and kissing when I never done those things??)