Drugs bro (reupload)

Date: 2/12/2019

By DweebMyGuy

(So I deleted this dream awhile ago due to some people therefore I wont name anyone in this dream) If I remember, it started off with me walking away from a neighborhood down this long stretch of street bordered off from “the outside world.” I could see miles of autumn trees which were brown, orange, and yellow due to the season being fall. There were mountains also in the distance. I remember looking through the gate and then looking down at my hand and seeing a container of translucent blue pills. I popped one and threw the others over the gate. I suddenly decided to turn back and all my abilities were enhanced and I was able to run really fucking fast like really fucking fast so I ran towards the neighborhood that I came from and went to a park that was there. It had a blue Ramada which had two other people under it which I shall not mention the names of. I for some reason brought two more pills out of my pocket and even though I thought I threw them over the fence. They popped them and then ‘Happier’ by Marshmello started playing and we played tag throughout the neighborhood and the last thing I remember is I started busting through buildings with a LEGO Tommy gun in hand and the people living in the houses were really mad with me😡