Cops and Robbers turns embarrassing

Date: 9/3/2019

By Dreamer’sMist

So I enter this small room and these kids from my school are pointing finger guns at each other, pretending to shoot each other. You got “shot”, you “died”. And all the while each side is trying to put rank each other. “This is the police. Put your weapon down!” “Well, I’m the FBI! Put YOUR weapon down!” Neither of them do and it’s a rigorous game as people hide behind “dead bodies” and furniture. I have no idea what game this is and I sit down. A kid named Caleb I know sits down next to me with a grin. “I’m not apart of the game either.” After he said that that I notice people behind me are using me as a human shield. Now that I look back they must have thought I was apart of the game, so that’s kinda messed up. But I go along with it and they push me forwards. Eventually we’re crawling and I crawl ahead of them, willingly. I go in front of them when needed and eventually we win the game. I wanted to help them out so I was kinda happy about it. I go up to a friend, Riley, a very nice girl who unfortunately switched schools this year to my disappointment, and I suddenly realize I have no pants or underwear on. I start having my period and I immediately start apologizing and with a flushed face I run to the bathroom. I guess she saw because she looks at me confused and disgusted and gives me this weird response despite her being also a woman who at this point should understand female anatomy. Right? “Are you horny?” No. God no. This is literally blood running down my legs but I don’t wait to explain that to her and hope nobody saw. I go down these bright, white and very spacey halls with these gigantic, classy paintings. I accidentally go into the boy’s room and as this guy Sam I know walks by. He oddly never looks back at me but I’m still thoroughly embarrassed and run off again into the woman’s room. A group of girls, students I also know, are talking and don’t pay much attention to me as I go into a stall. Well the stall walls were there and they were much bigger but they were replaced with gigantic shirts. I go behind the grey one that I liked and... go. It’s kind of awkward with knowing there are other women in the room but at this point I’m just tired and done with everything. I daze off and I didn’t realize something. All the stalls were gone, the shirt doors and the sinks. As well as the once bright lights are off. It’s all replaced with an outline of chicken wire! The group of girls go up to me and pull me by my hand so I pull up my pants that suddenly now exist. “Come on. Let’s use the boy’s room until the lights get fixed.” Well I go along but as soon as I see the boys going in and out I feel uneasy. I’ve always been uneasy about even the possibility of seeing some shirtless. Man or woman. “Ehhhh. I’m just gonna use the woman’s room.” I go off and they go into the stall, casually. Suddenly a cafeteria appears between the boy’s and girl’s room and I try to politely brush past. The tables are crowded and pushed together way too close, so I couldn’t fit through. So I stand on the chairs and onto the table. As I’m going over my third table I see Adam, a teacher I know playing Magic of Gathering with some students. I wanna play but I’m already being rude enough standing on their table, no? Well two students playing a separate game invite me to play. I say “Sure!” Next thing I know I wake up to my mom talking and never got to play that game and kick their butts.