Sneaking Into the Gym

Date: 6/29/2017

By SHeesch26

If I remember correctly, the time of day was during school hours and for some reason I needed to go into the Rosholt gym to sneak through the back doors. Sherri Sand is helping me, leading the way so no one is suspicious. There's a wide hallway in the Southwest corner of the gym that we're going to take when suddenly Mrs Grefsrud is pushing a rack of metal folding chairs towards the gym. I bail towards the corner of the music room and crouch down. The gym lights switch on and suddenly a bunch of people are running around with their new Raider basketball jerseys on. My outfit changed to match (wearing #1) and I joined them in the warm up. Apparently Alex K hadn't been healthy until recently so I made a point to mention that. We all run to the bleachers because our game isn't for a little while so as I'm coming down from higher on the bleachers, I notice everyone's number: Harvey C, #4a; a girl next to him, #4b; some next to her, #4c; Adam K, #10; and Koby, #23. Tanner H and Kelly N are also in the stands so plop between them and wait for the game.