Shane Dawson x2

Date: 5/16/2019

By Lazy

This is the second time I’ve had this dream, except I can’t remember how it ended the first time. It starts with me walking around town, eating an ice cream sandwich. I see Shane Dawson with his hood on walking towards me. He seems nervous or scared, but I have an ice cream sandwich so I’m in a great mood. It seems like he’s about to take me on a date, but that was never clarified or even heavily implied it just gave off those vibes, yknow? And then he starts speed walking in the opposite direction I had been walking and starts talking to me. I follow, as if I know him and I knew I was supposed to meet him there. (This was around the lights by 7-11) we start dashing behind buildings as he tells me a boy named David has been complimenting him all night and “you think you want to hear it, until you do.” And the boy was supposedly chasing us, but I didn’t dare look behind me. We keep running past fences and shit taking sharp corners and turns behind these buildings and then we get to this one yard where supposedly they have a pet that’s so horrifically mean it should be put down, so I expect a dog, and when we arrive in the yard I realize it’s a fucking Rhino. I try running the opposite way Shane was because I did the math and he wasn’t gonna make it. I turn around to go the opposite way and the rhino STOPS following him and comes towards me. I ran straight just fine, but I was so tired out I didn’t have the strength to jump past this person’s retaining wall. I see Shane come out from behind the Rhino, and another pet comes from the house with the retaining wall. I’m cornered. Fence behind me, literal rhinos in front of me. It’s at this point I realize I’m dreaming, and debate just waking up, but I wanted to talk to Shane. So I had the rhinos fall in love instead of hurt me but it was still a very intimidating scene ngl. That’s when I woke up, and we’ll see if this dream happens a 3rd time.