All the babies

Date: 6/4/2017

By ElriSt

So I am not sure where the dream starts but I think it starts with a bank robbery. I am a part of a task team in charge of catching the bank robbers. In my team are some of my family members and a few celebrities. I enter a clothing store with my partner (a dark-haired and serious cop). We are there to buy a present for our colleague. However, the store is robbed by the robbers we are after and the cop laments that he is unarmed. He managed to tackle and unmask one of the robbers but they all eventually escape. I start to see the events from the robbers point of view. They run out the store; strangely jovial despite almost being caught. Their leader pulls off his mask. He looks like Bellamy Blake from The 100. Despite his sense of relief he scolds the younger robber for almost being caught. The robbers walk down the street to a quiet parking lot to discuss their plans. From the leaders point of view I see a limo drive past his team and swerve to purposely hit the youngest robber and drive away. The dream changes and I am suddenly in a police station being prepared to go undercover as a robber to replace the youngest member. The dream distorts and I do not see the robbers again. I am suddenly on a big barge with my family and the cop amd his family heading towards to The Lake house. Halfway there I try to pick up Buks, or family Yorkie, but he falls in the water so I jump in after him. No one notoces and the barge continues on. Only when they reach the House do they realise we are missing and everyone jumps in to save us. I hold Buks up so that he does not get too tired to swim. Now I sit outside the Lake House watching the serious cop and his wife holding each other while they cry softly. I know I need to look away and give them their privacy but I am intrigued. Eventually the wife sees me and encourages me to join them. As I step forward I am transported to their living room. The wife explains that have suffered a lot and often grieve together to make it easier. She closes her eyes and begins to hum. As she does this a baby appears in her arms. She passes the baby to me. He is beautiful and about 2 years old. I close my eyes and hum and when I open them and look down at the child I see his face is brusied and disfigured. His eyes are closed but I can hear his snoring. And like that he disappears in my arms. I look at the wife and see that she is crying. Suddenly I understand. The child had died in an accident but she can see him in this space if she and her husband grieve together. I cry with them until the cop leaves the room. The wife explains that she wants to take a pregnancy test because after seeing her child she wants to bring another child in the world. It is revealed that she is pregnant and tells the family. Slowly other woman in the family reveal that they are also pregnant. I am relieved that I am not but my family seems a bit disappointed. The dreams ends with celebrations on the barge.