Spider killer and my brother's execution?

Date: 8/14/2017

By mudpath

So for some odd reason my brother was being hunted by the medium size western looking spider you know like one from Milo goes west. well kept asking me where my brother was at and I kept lying about his location kept sending him in to deep mines and weird canyon that I had been to before. well the FBI show up to my parents house and they inform us the my little brother is to executed in Washington D.C. which was weird because they wouldn't tell is the charges and they took him away. well anyway after the spider found he came hunting for me. I fought him off before grabbing a ceramic looking bag that was still wet and ride him up in and my mom had weird air powers and dried the clay instantly and I wrapped a water resistant cloth wrapped it around the solid bag like clay pot and threw in down a sewer piper day the words "drown you spidery bitch drown." almost instantaneously after we received a call that my brother survived his own execution. so my mom and sister went on to Maryland to get him. because for some odd reason they find it cruel to execute someone twice.