My secret world

Date: 2/5/2017

By dr33m_big13

First of all I remember a long time ago that I used to have a dream where I would go into this world...well it's back! I go into a basement and there is this set of stairs down there where I find a locked book I open that with a key I have and then it shows me a door and then I unlock that door with a key that I have. When I go in I'm in this absolutely beautiful world and I love it there and then bad things start to happen! And when I'm in this world I cannot leave whenever I want to. The door locks behind me and I can only come out when the door lets me by this dream we got attacked by a couple random creatures that I don't quite remember I tried taking friends down and they died because they cannot know about the world I don't recall much but I do remember a little Characters: zack tyler "unknown" mom dad Main points: can't tell people about my world and I was not in control of when I could leave * I add characters and main points to see if I have any patterns in my dreams*