Cowboys eating creamed corn

Date: 5/12/2017

By weaselpuppy

Mary was giving me eye surgery. she cut out my tear duct and replaced it with an old persons tear duct. I felt no pain at all. Mary said that it looked funny because my tear ducts where bright white and the old persons ones where red. here it switched to a view of my eye before the surgery and I thought I am the most perfect in the world. Then the dream switched. My mom dad and I where riding in the car and we went to a farm and then to the house on the farm and these people greeted us and they where like you want to go over there and they pointed to a stadium. when we got there hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls where telling stories and eating creamed corn and something else. we joined them and this one guy who was really fat says that all he had for dinner one night was creamed corn which everyone found hilarious and we where all laughing. then someone suggested that they give us a tour of the ranch. On the tour we went and saw the jail which they had because so many people kept steeling from them and they wanted to stop having to transport the criminals to the prison so the built a jail. There was a tone of people in the jail and then the everyone turned into cartoon characters and in the jail I say someone who I recognized, she was from the graphic novel brain camp and she is the girl with frizzy red hair who haches early. and so we bust her out of the prison and run for it. all the cow people are after us and then we get super powers and then we get into the car and drive away. Also our cat Rico is on the dash board of the car. he is just laying there and is like I am all suave(I think that is how smooth is spelled in spanish).