Hell Hair

Date: 3/9/2017

By irina_4

I was at school and ready to go to classes. it was fresh in the morning but I knew I looked awful cause my hair hadn't been washed. like I always do, I evaluated the extremity of how bad I looked in the bathroom mirror. I knew it was bad but this was nothing like I had seen before. I noticed yellowish chunks of something half solid half liquid in my hair; but when i began to pick them out my hair vomited. It vomited what looked like browns and yellow mush with some of that same mystery substance from before. (flakes?) Naturally that was shocking to me, to have my HAIR vomit. I thought "maybe instead of the mirror breaking your hair threw up upon how disgusted it felt to look at you" but I didn't think about that for more than a minute. I was lucky no one else was in that restroom because this was quite the mess.. and how would I explain it? I tried my best to clean it all up without a trace but it was still all in my hair so I tried to run water over my head in the sink. Like a half shower. I finally got clean and confident enough to show my face around school. The bathroom I was in looked like one of the upper school bathrooms but when I was walking back to class it was like I was going down that long hallway that connects the lower school to the lounges. As I was just getting up those three steps I see Mrs Desai. We talked for about a second before I realized before I went to class I had to retrieve something from the junior lounge. I was in there for all of two seconds before my hair vomited again, this time on someone's unattended slippers. Miraculously no one noticed this had just happened so I fled as fast as I could to that same hallway from before. I had just barely gotten into the hallway when all of a sudden I felt extremely dizzy. It takes a lot for me to be too dizzy to stand so I knew this wasn't a good sign. I fell onto the waxed floor and as soon as I hit the ground I was suddenly completely naked. For some reason I didn't care, I just kept laying there waiting to be less dizzy. Sachin (friend) came over, gave me his signature "what do I do I'm scared" face, then told me I might want to put some clothes on.