graduation, others idk

Date: 11/23/2019

By rembrandt

it was graduation, but high school graduation with everyone from middle school. the yearbook came out i was in it oddly, didn’t think i’d be in it cuz i never was for hs. diego told me he had loved me, i was embarrassed, i was about to tell him i used to have a crush on him as well but never did. i know there was more to this dream but i cannot remember. somewhere else in this dream it was about people who i didn’t know, seemed like i was watching a movie about a different story. a kid who was poor who was always bullied. but there was one kid who tried to stick up for him. the kid who always got bullied had his money stolen from him by the one who stuck up for him seemed to also take his money, $100 but then gave it back to him. the bullied kid was also a really good writer and got his story published in an academic journal. flash forward, he’s extremely successful.