Dreaming of Cloudy Skies

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

(Any dream pre-2017 does not have an exact date; many are guesses based on text message receipts and iPod notes) Background info: I had fallen asleep on my grandmothers porch floor on a rainy day while watching some rerun on MTV/VH1. The dream took place on my grandmother's porch, leading to slight confusion as to whether or not the dream felt real. Everything in the environment seemed normal: floors and walls built with the same shade of oak, wool rug irritating my eczema, multiple chairs blocking the sliding doors leading to the outside world in order to appease grandmother's psychosis about some type of boogie man coming to steal her away in broad daylight. From outside the porch, a gloomy storm had taken place, layering different sound patterns of rainfall. However, rather than a usual empty void filling the chairs, there were two attractive men sitting in them with hybrid guitars. The man with brown hair had a chubby build and wore a green shirt; the other had jet black hair and a lean build, wearing a grey hoodie. Because perspective was mostly blurry, I could not see the faces properly. As rain poured harder outside, they wrote a song together with harmonizing riffs, casually jamming. In between riffs, there was indistinguishable conversation and giggling. At some point the slow jam escalated into a heavy rock interlude, both men seeming to enjoy the music. Post dream: I remade the song to the best of my ability after this dream occurred, but had to improvise the heavy metal section because I couldn't remember what chords were in the dream. The song is now on YouTube titled "Procrastination and Cloudy Skies" (later renamed "Dreaming of Cloudy Skies" on other files.) (No this is not a channel promotion lol)