Dream: Price of Freedom

Date: 1/24/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

So I've had this dream a number of times before but this was the first time I managed to get away and to a home. ----------------------------------- My name is Ellie. My parents were very poor and in debt. The first time this happened my older sister was taken away by men in white coats and never heard from again. That was 6 years ago. My parents for stabilized financially for a while and wrote up a will stating that all their assets went to me once I turned 18. Then they died when I turned 17 and I was to be sent to my aunt Louita’s but that didn't happen. The men in white coats collected me and took me to this hellish place. I was forced to wear this all white outfit and constantly was drugged. The first couple nights I cried there. A girl who roomed with me would come and lay beside me, comforting me. She would always tell me that things would get better. Over the years more misfortune happened to me. I learned that my older sister had died in that hellhole. I only knew that because I could see her spirit walking through the place. She was protecting me and guiding me as best she could. Many of the other ‘patients’ at this place would tell you to never leave your room at night. None of the staff ever explained that to be a rule but it seemed almost like an unwritten rule. I was now 21. I decided to take a chance and left the room that night. There were some of the guards wandering with flashlights. I stayed out of their beams and followed my instincts towards an escape of any kind. I could see my sister's spirit as I walked ahead but she soon seemed troubled. I looked around and realized there were other girls in the front hall now where I'd wandered too. None of them seemed to be moving though and it sent chills down my spine. I kept walking, silent as ever, until my sister's ghostly shriek was heard and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked and saw it was one of the girls but she was completely faceless. My body wouldn't move. She squeezed tight on my shoulder and another came over and forced me to my knees. Two staff members showed up and the girls let go of me. One of the men (staff) injected a drug in me and the other carried me off. I wasn't taken to my room that night. I'm grateful I can't remember what happened. I know I was violated and that's enough to make me sick. The punishment for curiosity is what I marked it up as. Two months later and I've finally scavenged my old backpack up as well as some outsider (non-white hellhole) clothes that would fit. I'd been hiding them in a safe place in my room with the help of my room mate. She refused to leave with me but she was determined to get me out of there. I at least had to escape and tell the world what happened. It was now lights out. I dug out my clothes which i just threw on over my white clothes. I grabbed every note I ever took on this place and shoved them in my backpack. My roommate gave me a picture of herself and her family so that I could find them. So that they would know she was at least alive while I was there. I have no clue what her fate will be once I leave. “Have Lis guide you. I know you’ve been talking to her. She'll get you out.” My roommate said quietly as we waited for the staff to walk by. I kissed her forehead and felt my heart ache. She was my truest friend and I hated leaving her to whatever fate may bring her here. She flicked my forehead and smiled at me. “You're the only one who can get out alive, Ellie. You have to.” I nodded at her words. We hugged each other as the staff walked by and soon made their way to the end of the hall. I could see my older sister, Lis, standing by the door and silently opening it. My roommate nodded and curled under her covers. I left the room, shut the door quietly, and had Lis guide me once more. We somehow managed to get past the faceless girls and down into an underground tunnel. In there was a train but it wasn't. It didn't sit on tracks and had wheels like a car, and the thing looked like a car, but it had multiple carts like a train. I followed Lis’ ghost and slipped into the cart that the driver was in. I crouched down against the floor so as not to be seen because I could hear voices. The two men of staff that had captured me before were arguing with the facility director and he seemed right pissed. The driver glanced back at me and sighed before handing me a small ring. I looked up at him but he was watching the director. Lis motioned for me to put it on so I did. A faint blue glow surrounded me just as the director came to the cart and looked over the seats. Lis put a hand over her mouth to tell me to stay quiet. I did. The director stormed off and hopped into one of the carts further back. One of the staff members looked to the driver. “Get going. She could have escaped by now.” The driver started up everything and soon we were gone. I slowly released the breath I was holding. Lis smiled weakly to me. “You look just like her. Your sister.” The driver whispered. I nodded unsure of what to say. “I couldn't save her. Hopefully I can do right by you.” He told me and didn't say another word. The ride out of the tunnel and into the streets was long and agonizing. I learned soon enough that the driver was full of archaic knowledge. His train-car was something he made using a strange mix of alchemy and magic. So no one could see it unless he wanted them to. That's why we could drive through the streets without anyone noticing. Soon there was a dinging and I noticed we were at the street where my family used to live. The driver stopped the train-car. “Open the doors. We'll check here. You go around just in case.” The director said through the intercom. The doors opened and the director left with one of his men. The driver headed off again. He let out a sigh of relief and drove towards a smaller cottage. He opened his door and looked to me. “Keep that ring on and go there. Louita had waited long enough for your return.” “Thank you.” I whispered and headed into the cottage. I heard the train-car leave as I shut and locked the door behind me. Lis was guiding me once more. She led me to the underside of a table only for it to have a trap door there. I went down into the hidden space under the trap door and shut it. I soon heard knocking on aunt Louita’s door and some hurried footsteps. “Do you realize the hour?” Aunt Louita sounded annoyed and I didn't blame her. “I apologize for that but one of our patients escaped miss and she's quite dangerous.” The director told her. “We were hoping you would let us take a look around.” I held my breath as I listened on the stairwell beneath her floor. “Fine but make it quick. I have a busy day scheduled for tomorrow and would like some sleep.” Aunt Louita told him. I could hear footsteps walking around the cottage and felt panic rise in me. Soon enough the director left. I awoke after that.