Date: 7/4/2019

By BroImCrazy

2 types of monsters I had to protect myself from. They were in named in a weird language so I dont remember them. One species was a chupacabra that was red. There was a pack of them all bunched up together and suddenly I heard a monotone narrator voice. "They are demons. They enjoy human blood." So I thought to myself, I must protect myself. There was another monster nearby that was grey and eating/picking at the ground and staying still. I didn't know what it was, and thought it wasn't hostile. It looked kind of like a beamo from the legend of zelda. (Everything was in airial view) Next i quickly tried to cover and squish the chupacabras with my hands, attempting to squish them into a bloody pulp against the ground. The motion I was making was like the CPR thingy. (All the monsters were much smaller than me for some reason. About the size of a small pingpong ball) I would squish them as hard as I can, but I felt pain and stings course through my hands. I began to panic and grabbed each one individually, squishing each one in my hands instead. Popping them like grapes until their guts gush out. They all died. But then the voice returned and said the grey monster was infact a demon too...that liked human skin. I should protect myself from it too, I thought. But it dissapeared from sight and I couldnt find it. That's when my brother woke me up.