Date: 7/31/2017

By brookethegreat

I was scuba diving with a bunch of other people in this giant cylindrical tank on a... space station? It felt like a military training thing. We also had grappling/climbing gear on. A giant blue wheel thing with a lady face in the middle appeared in the sky. We all got out of the tank. The leader told us to climb it and figure out what it wanted. Half the team bolted because they were scared. I stayed, but I was too scared to climb it. Eventually we determined that it wanted a pig pageant. It wanted us to show it our pigs. Pretty lucky we had pigs! And experience showing livestock. We're scaredy-cats, but by golly we know how to show pigs! So we started showing the alien our pigs. The first two girls to go had really elaborate choreographed routines. They hit all the points you need to show an animal, but then they added a talent portion. They also had crazy makeup on like synchronized swimmers (the girls and the pigs). It was impressive. But as soon as they would finish the routine, I would get a close up shot of their faces and they would suddenly get desperately sad and start silently crying. The alien looked upset by this, but I think she was inadvertently causing it. I wish I could have done some Doctor Who kind of sleuthing to figure out what was happening, but the dream ended there.