Multiverse/HP crossover

Date: 7/21/2019

By rachel526

I was in the universe that was a crossover between Harry Potter and the Spiderman multi-verse universe. It ends up that Hermione had died in the fifth Harry Potter book. It was the seventh year and we were all greeting all of the dead students including Hermione before we went on our mission. We are looking for Horcruxes. I was worried because the last time we had mixed seven Horcruxes, we had to fight Voldemort. I went to a launch pad where a spaceship was about to take off. The spaceship would go on the water in the ocean in order to takeoff. Using magnets, I managed to steal the spaceship and lock the pilot, an African-American woman, out. I wasn’t entirely sure how to use the spaceship but I figured it out enough to launch it. However when I got on the ocean, they had not cleared the area of other boats and I didn’t have much room to take off. I thought I was going to be able to make it anyway, but a large yellow barge blocked my runway And I was forced to stop prematurely. After that I went to a library. The cashier was talking to a Slytherin student. I didn’t realize that the cashier had gone to Hogwarts until I overheard him talking about it. It ends up that the slither in student had a wand that I needed to complete my collection of eight wands. Two of the ones were red, two of them were yellow, two of them were green, and two of them were blue. I used magnets to steal his wand, but when I did that, I accidentally come bind all eight wands before I wanted to. This projected hundreds of different multi-verses onto the wall. I was excited about going to a multi-verse but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to choose the one that I wanted to go in.