Date: 2/24/2019

By crazydreamsssd

I’m pretty sure in the dream i was someone else. Still amanda but also someone else. A hot thot. Still with jalu but troubled because of my overthinking. But at the same time, i had a gay best friend that i always went to his place for a shower? Royal shower or bath like in ancient times then i remember jumping from pne building to another, teased an alien on the way and went I got into another building. It was supposed to be pim2 because of the pool stuff. There, well, a superhero was singing and i had to played a long before finally walking to one floor below and there was some kind of ceremony of someones passing. I went through it cos my only goal was to go to the elevator to go down and take a shower? But apparently i’m adam sendler’s love interest from another movie or dream of mine. The the elevator closed. I couldnt go to ladies night out party.