Failing at being lucid

Date: 7/11/2017

By PattothePenguin

I was on the track at agw, and I was walking on the field in the middle. People were running and stuff, and I somehow knew it was a dream, so I tried to imagine some ice cream in a bowl and started spooning it into my mouth, though now that I think of it, I don't think it was there. Patrick and max were with me and I said, "How do people run a 2400?" And he responded, "What do you mean" ,or something like that, " we have to run six laps everyday" Then I was like GASPPPPP. Then we walked to the parking lot and we were in front of our car. Since I knew I was dreaming, I tried to fly, since I don't think I've ever done that in a dream. When I tried to fly, I jumped straight up, then...I FALL ON MY FACE! Then, I wake up... INTO ANOTHER DREAM (NOTD)