Fight against a giant

Date: 7/13/2017

By Meldor

for a moment, while I was dreaming, I became semi-conscious. I knew in some way that what I was living wasn't real, but I still couldn't fully control my dream. In the dream, I was on some kind of grassy hills. there was a giant girl, she was like enormous, and she was going to destroy a city of white marble with huge facades. I knew I lived in that city and that that titanic girl had been my friend at some time but now she had becomed evil. So I had to fight her and Jupiter gave me an eagle so I could get closer to her. I held myself to the eagle and it carried me flying to the giant. The eagle left me in the ground and I climbed with a hook tied to a rope all the way up to her booty through her legs. Then I held my dagger and started climbing through her back while stabbing her. then I woke up and the dream ended abruptly.