Seeing spirits

Date: 8/3/2019

By bdenson

In bed this spirit comes in and land I said oh no your not I’m tired of you and told him to leave . I get up and come towards him with my finger and he backs off And I’m saying leave in the name of Jesus and leaves . Next I’m in this room with other ppl and I see other spirits one was smoking and walked over to him and said no smoking ! As the ppl there were talking I could see their breath coming out like it was very cold but it wasn’t cold in the room and I new angels were with us . I would tell ppl hey look I see the breath is like cold coming out . There was another person come in and selling meat sticks to come to eat . I noticed that I didn’t see any breath smoke coming out of him I new something was up . After he sold them that he walks over to me and hands me about a couple of packs for free and says “and some for maggot “ he had called me a name I’m thinking that was it . Anyway I tossed it aside and said I don’t want it ! I believe he was getting a little upset with me but I didn’t care. My emotions was confident and not putting up with their crap anymore.