Yellow Gummies, Princess Bubblegum, and other messed up Foods.

Date: 6/12/2017

By drunchee

I'm with my Dad, someone that I don't really recall but think of as an uncle, and Garrett (I think). We're all walking around in a sort of forestry area, like a place that was once civilization that is now overtaken my nature. By a small creek, a orange and white "otter" as my dad calls it (really looks like a ferret) has a yellow gummy in its mouth. It drops it and it's all slobbery and wet. It's like a yellow vitamin gummy in the shape of a cartoon character. Later, me and maybe just Garrett are walking through a county fair place, and we're talking about the yellow gummies. We find out they're gummies that, when placed in water, come alive, can talk, move, and act like the character they're modeled after. But they also die from drowning shortly after. Continuing the odd food trend; me and G later get a basket FULL of icecream and chocolate treats shaped after the Candy People from Adventure Time, including a Mr. Cupcake cupcake, a Chocoberry chocolate treat that looked nothing like Chocoberry, and an all chocolate Princess Bubblegum. Speaking of PB, in another vague dream, I recall watching a video of cartoon Princess Bubblegum porn in the form of a story. Very odd.