hangry much?

Date: 1/28/2017

By cece2891

in the begining me and my friends were at school amd when nightfall came one of my friemds and i wanted food so we go outside and end up driving down main street at night on tricycles we are passing food places trying to see what we want and i see wendys so i ask my friend if that is what she wanted and she says yea so i grab her trike and we slide about three buildings down from wendys into smoothie king or something we go in smoothie king first and we see this guy from our class(who likes me) and is angry with me i guess so he threatend to lock up the store with us in it so we walk out behind him and we are out so he goes back in and this guy that lokes my other friend goes into smoothie king. so we are walking out then randomly saw this girl who graduated...anyways we walk to a table where 2 of our friends were sitting and talk about going to wendys the friend i came with is on the phone with her mom and her mom wants to know how long the line is i say i dont know i think she asks again and i start saying how am i supposed to know its crowded if we are like 3 buildings awayyy. then she says ok hangs up the phone amd we say something thay leads to my friend pulling out a very bright light up helmet and i say see thats why and then we head for wendys.