Drugs which turn you off.

Date: 2/13/2017

By Fitful

This dream was very disjointed and disturbing. I know I was a young adult female in this dream, I am assuming nanny because of the way I interacted with this family. There were flashes into an omnipotent point of view however. And once I followed a pair of young men on their journey. Everyone in the world was on a drug. It made more and more tattoos grow on their clothes. The more decorative clothes you had, the long you've been on the drug. This family had three children and and mother and a father. The mother was Chinese, and the father perhaps American Chinese or white. I can't recall. I know there was a bit of a disconnect between them linguistically but he did speak the language which surprised me, so it makes me think he was white. Anyway they were about to have another baby which is why I was called in. I watched them all go a bit crazy over this drug. Sat down for their interview, which included a lot of joking around. They didn't know where to put all the kids, were planning to buy another house, for a while they were also ordering that from me, and I was unclear how many rooms they wanted in the house. The wife wanted separate rooms for everyone, including him and her, and he wanted them all to have the same bedroom. Anyway a bit later the entire world froze. I became not a person but a non participant observer in the dream. The drug drip to everyone in the world had been disrupted. It broke or got off course. There were a couple of idiot young men who wanted to get into the house to meet these people. Apparently the fame and wealth made them worthy of fan worship. It could have just been the wife they wanted to meet. But they broke into the house, and found the machine which dispensed the drug was also the lock and they fixed it. It just had bead missing so it couldn't run. It ran on chickpea beads. They fixed it, I was one of them for a while before I went back to the same perspective. They got into the house, after beginning to suspect something was wrong, and they woke up the family and the entire world. The family felt much better. Later these children are crazy, acting like rabid animals and screaming and attacking their parents. I am called by the dad to help fix it, at first he said he didn't need me, then a few moments later he changed his mind. I use peas to shoot the dad to safety. Then I set the little girl who went insane to drawing. She draws beautifully on the ground, and on paper. She draws better work on the ground and on walls, she was upset her pictures would get ruined, the ones she drew on the ground. I was trying to find a way to save them. I am often trying to make a garden grow in the dresser drawer in my room. All I can ever manage is one measly carrot. I keep trying but I don't have enough dirt. And I worry about what will happen when the dresser is moved too much. There are often visions of wild large lizards, like dinosaurs but none I have ever seen and they are very intelligent. They are two different species and always trying to thwart each others kill. They are often in the river beds, muzzles chomping on fish in the bright wilderness of cool crisp mountains. I keep having to out smart the other one because I am thrown into one of their perspectives each time. I am interviewing a couple of men about a woman all grown up. She is perhaps famous or someone I knew. Perhaps she was a child I knew. These men were on a mountain top, they were a bit awful. They told me she was quite a capable child, killed a man at 6 years old. I remarked on that, wanting to know more. The idea she had killed anyone I don't think she knew about it, or I. It searched her memory, somehow doing so from the top of a snowy mountain, and it was definitely news to me, and her. I knew she didn't remember anything like that. They elaborated saying yeah, she had done it when they took her into the mountains. I thought it was weird a couple of grown strange men took a 6 year old into the mountains. I started to feel weird about the whole thing. And I suspected the little girl had experience something really really horrible.