Please believe me

Date: 5/11/2017

By Isaac231

I was at my school, in the gym area getting ready for some sort of buffet. I'm not sure what it was for. But all my classes mates that were helping me out were pissed at me. I had no idea why, I tried asking and no one would give me an answer. Every single person that looked at me would have hate radiating from there eyes. Then, 2 people came up to me. One had a rope in her hand, the other with a knife. Both surrounded me and tied my hands together in front. One of my friends that had the knife, sat me down in a chair and talked to me. She was saying how I screwed everyone over, I kept asking what she's talking about. She wouldn't give me an answer. She then took my right hand, another piece of rope, and the knife. She put the knife edge first towards my palm, it was a chef knife. Then, she took the rope and rapped it around the knife and my hand. With each passing time when the rope overlapped, it would get tighter and tighter. It got so bad, it eventually started slowly cutting into my hand. As this happened and I was screaming for her to stop. She would just smile, staring at me and not stopping. She finally stopped, only to say we're going to play a game. It was a card game that was almost impossible to win. She told me if i didn't win the hand out of the now 5 people around me, she would tighten the rope. I played the game a few rounds, barely winning all but 1 of them. Some how, she let me go after my arm is turning white from blood loss, I think eventually I won enough games. I started running around everywhere trying to get people to help me and see what my friend did to me. No one believed she actually did it. I found a teacher, she completely ignored the situation. Everyone ignored what happened and denied anything was wrong. I couldn't get them to believe me, no matter how hard I tried.