weird abroad flying thing

Date: 2/23/2017

By lilacsilverbloom

Somewhere abroad. Rooming with rose ali maggie. Feel neglected so I leave for a walk. Elliot glazer leder is there with another guy and they say to follow them and i do but I start flying and keep flying around three blocks for 3 hours really fast. It is just before sunset. I go back to the room and my roommates come back. The number of beds keep changing so we may have more roommates. The beds are weird and I did not know which was my bed or stuff. There are bumblebees in the room so maggie and skylar are throwing the bees out the window. I start taking out the trash and put it on the corner where girl quad pondo lives. I fear getting in trouble so I try to run back to my room but have trouble running. I try to tell people that I was flying around for 3 hours and anytime I did everything would pause and then start up again and everyone would ignore me and tell their own mundane stories. There were trash cans that were human size around. Owen was there. Later we are back in the room and maya is there and we are hanging with Rico from hannah Montana and one other guy and j ask Maya is that is rico and she says no he is in plays. Then we are all drunk but did not drink and then me. Wilkes comes and talks to us. It felt like I was tripping. Also i woke up a bunch of times