many dreams

Date: 7/14/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

the first thing I remember is getting ready for a road trip. my family was there. my ass hole dad. my sister Charlene and my sister Aneka. I don't recall speaking to any of them other than Aneka. She was happy to see me. I did not have anything ready and so I was packing up things. The last thing I recall is needing to urinate and I could not control it, I was urinating all over the place, splashing it everywhere. And then I woke up in real life needing to urinate badly. after I went back to sleep, what I remember is running from zombies. again, running from zombies. I was on a tall building with lots of terraces and they ran around in circular patterns. I recall throwing many of them around as they ran at me, onto the lower terraces so that I could run away. I was on a ledge that was close to a glass floor with holes in it, and I tried to get them to fall into the gaps, but I fell. I jumped onto an area That I thought was solid, but it wasn't and I fell, back first for a really long time, Judy waiting to crash, but I don't rememberit actually happening. in that way, it was like a video game. I knew that I would just come back. I woke up again, needing to pee. I have not had to wake up so much in real life that I recall, and to be honest, I'm a little worried about that. last 2 nights I have had to get up twice from deep sleep to pee. the last dream, I was hiding from a group of people holed up in a house. Their leader was a big fat lady and although me and the other person I was with (no idea who they were) were trying hard to hide from them, They knew exactly where we both were. next thing, I was riding my bike, again. I was riding my bike to work at Jimmy John's and it was getting dark. there was a large fat guy riding with me on a bike that had a headlight. we were riding through heavy traffic, and his brakes did not work, so he was experiencing near death crashes constantly. my brakes were just fine, and I turned on a headlight also. the last few feet to work, I was riding on the sidewalk and had to ride around young people that were singing a song. don't recall the song or what I was riding around, but it was not quite how the front of the block is oh real life. that is all I remember.