2 dead girls? My Reoccurring Dream.

Date: 8/11/2017

By emmyc17

I've been having the same dream for the past few nights, but I didn't realise it wasn't real until today. I can't remember every detail so please hang in there! I can't remember how the dream exactly starts out, but I have audio tapes from the case I can/do listen to and sometimes I'm talking to people about the situation. Usually, I just see the girls. In my dream, they're always running away from something. I think I assumed it was home. There's someone who takes them to a nearby town, a town I know. I think I may have assumed that the older sister knew who it was. Anyways, they get wherever they're going, but it's not where they thought they were going to be or it's not where they wanted. I can't tell. It just feels very unsettling. Then a girl and her dog show up. It's apparently her place? I'm not sure either. It's obvious this girl, whether she's truly a girl or not, is evil. She's trained her dog to be cruel, violent, and malevolent. I'm the beginning I think they try talking things out. Maybe this is just what I can't truly remember. Whatever happens, it doesn't satisfy or even satiate the girl. She has her dog attack the older sister, it killing her. At this point the little sister runs off on her own (not too far away). She stops under her porch and, nicely put, has an odd mental break/breakdown. She ends up running out and running into the same girl. I have the same break in time here, but after I see the evil girl getting pushed into her own trap for the other sister with her dog. It kills her on instinct. The little girls runs. As she's running, the dog comes out and chases after her. It gets a bite into her leg. In this dream, she didn't die. However, she at least seems to be missing which makes me think she did indeed die. She had in every other dream. The only difference between dreams has been the single difference in the girl being missing or dead and me talking to other people. There's a multitude of articles in the area that could possibly correlate with one actually from the town in the dream.