Date: 8/1/2017


A group of my friends were in this neoclassical building. There were a ring of seats and we were eating and waiting to get our class assignments from the head judge. McCain was there standing with a huge tumor like growth on the back of his neck. Someone brought the idea to kill him because his intentions with our society were Nazi-Esque. Someone breaks out a AK47 and starts unleashing a flurry of bullets in the packed room of violence hundred people, who are all also waiting to hear their assignments. We don't know if he got hit but I broke out my pistols and ran to the exit where everyone will be exiting. The secret service has killed all my friends except one, who is with me. I tell him to stand in front of the exit door out of sight, and wait till about 20 people leave the exit, and then unleash clips into the moving crowd. Meanwhile, I hide under a car, where the chassis is perfectly molded to my body, and I can buckle myself into the car underneath everyone. I'm about a foot off the ground, inside the frame of the car. If any secret service were to look inside or under the car, I wouldn't be seen. Hours later the car is transported somewhere. When it stopped, I got down, and I was in a neighborhood. I find some nice clothes, and I see a car with a New York license plate, and I ask him if I can get a ride to NY. He said sure, and I even payed him some money. I arrive in New York and I have a connection to let me stay in a place for a year for free. He doesn't know what I did but he heard of it and asked if I was there since that's where I am from. I suddenly appear in space, or somewhere extremely dark. No light, and there are two islands. One with a door and one that I am on. I have to get to door, and once I get to the other island, I can explore my imagination. I woke up.