Everyone hates me

Date: 8/20/2017

By parisleech13

It was the first day of school and I was prefect (if you don't know what that is search it up. It's an English thing) but I went in and went to the drama studio. I kept getting dirty looks from everyone but I just flipped them off and kept walking. Then I got to the drama studio and Mrs shepherd said "why are you here. We gave your role away because you didn't come yesterday" I was like "what. I didn't know it was on yesterday?" And she was like "well. Your sister said she told you" I was like "she didn't tell me" then my sister just looked and me and smiled but not like a cute smile. Like a sarcastic smile. Then she was like "it's fine. I'm sure you can work your prefect skills" and then I figured she's jealous I got prefect and a main role. So I grabbed her by the hair and was like "have the fucking role then you manipulative bitch" then let her go. I grabbed my bag and was like "fuck all of you" to the whole drama studio. Then I walked out and I pushed through a bunch of people and 2 of them were Megan and Devon and I was like. "Sorry. Just not in a great mood today" and they just whispered to each other and laughed. I was confused and was like "what's gotten into you 2?" And they both just rolled their eyes at each other and kept talking and walking. So I just pushed through them and waited further ahead. I was getting shouted at by boys n shit as I was waiting. Then I saw Megan through the door. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her next to me and then smacked her round the face. I was like. "Don't you ever. Do that again. I welcomed you to this school. Who tf do you think you are?" And she just laughed and walked off. At this point I was like wtf. So I just went to house office and broke down in their. Then I realised there was curtains and Ben was recording me having a breakdown through them. I was like to the teacher "I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want to be in school. I don't want to be at home. I just don't want to live anymore" and she comforted me and said "you can have a week out of classes and just stay in the library" so that's what I did. I went to the library and then this dude comes walking in. He looked new and was a badass. Like he already owned the school. He was like "Hi. What's your name?" I was like "paris" and he just stood there and was like "oh. So you're the girl everyone's talking about. What did you do exactly?" I just rolled my eyes and said "I don't know what I did. Probably the fact I was a bitch to everyone and ruined most of there lives, but you don't seem to care" he laughed and then sat down. Then we started speaking about it all and he was like "well. Count me in as your friend. I like people with a little mystery about them" we stood up and started walking n shit. we decided to walk around and then all of a sudden a car came speeding towards me but luckily I dodged it. So did the bad boy (he didn't have a name, or I can't remember it, so I'll just call him the bad boy😂) he was like "wow. Someone tried to kill you. You must've been a real bitch" I laughed it off and was like "yeah. I still am" so after everyone was gone and off the premises we decided we will go check out the car crash. It had crashed into the science lab and made a massive dent in the ground. Then we were caught and everyone was like oh it was her for sure. I was like "how would I kill myself if I tried running myself over you twats" and then they started laughing and playing the video where I was breaking down. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. Then they all started chasing me. So I had to run. I went onto the football field and Lewis started hitting me and hurting me. Saying "yeah. Do you like this? Or does it irritate you?" And then he kept purposely kicking the ball over infront of me. Trying to trip me up but it failed. I got 3/4 around the football field and just started to walk. Then boys stood infront of me and behind me and just surrounded me. They were like "strip." I was like "what no" and tried to push past them and they were just like "strip" and kept telling me to strip whilst I was being pushed and spat on and treated like a whore. Then I stripped. They all took photos and left. I just sat on the ground hidden by some trees. Then the bad boy was like "what the fuck did they do to you?" He took his top off and gave it to me to wear. He put it on me and grabbed me by the hand and we stood up and started walking. Lewis was like "erm. Why are you walking with her?" And he just laughed and said "because I like her. She hasn't ruined my life... yet" and we both laughed. They were all silent as we walked away. Even the people recording and playing the video. We went back to school. The end