Date: 4/14/2017

By AceDreamer

I was with all of my friends at school and we had a lock down and they said it wasn't a drill everyone was freaking out but we had to stay quiet. We heard foot steps coming closer to the door. The doorknob started turning..... and finally the door opened he had a gun he aimed the gun and all of us our teacher took the first bullet some tryed to run thy were shot some tried to scream they were shot but me I stayed still in shock I didn't want to die but at the same time I did. He left he didn't kill me. He just left me there in shock. I was just staring at all of my friends and classmates dead bodies on the ground while I was just standing there doing nothing. I was the only survivor out of all of my friends and I was left with the memories of all their dead bodies. And then I woke up crying. I was happy it was a dream but at the same time I was sad and I kept having the same thought of all of my friends dieing for the rest of day it sucked I don't know what I would do if all of my friends died their all I really have.