Not Exactly a Ghost

Date: 4/17/2017

By e6life

*This dream was from a couple nights ago, so I'll write all I remember.* Whether I came by choice or was hired, I had traveled to a somewhat rural town hunting ghosts. There had been many reports of frequent activity near an elementary school playground. I began looking around, just to see what I could find without any equipment. Almost immediately, I stumbled upon a young, elementary school girl. She was appeared as though she was straight out of the '50s. She saw me, too. We stared at each other for what seemed like maybe 10 minutes, both completely dumbfounded. I finally decided to initiate contact with the ghost child. Unfortunately, a mere step forward scared the poor girl into running away. She didn't travel far before vanishing into thin air. Once again, I was alone. So, I walked over to the general location where I saw her vanish. Suddenly, I felt a strange sensation and the world around me changed. While not the same completely, I could tell it was the same place. I had been flung into the future! That's when I realized all the ghosts that people had been reporting over the years weren't ghosts at all. Rather, there was some sort of invisible portal sending all who entered it a few decades into the future. *It was at this point where that dream ended*