The death of my friends

Date: 2/11/2019

By Tjika

I was in some sort of strange old house where me and a group of friends had been staying for a while. We had done some kind of group activity, but had come across some evil people. We managed to defeat them, but some of my friends had gotten seriously hurt in the process. One was a women in her thirties. There were also two guys who looked like thirty year olds, but were actually much older. It was like they weren't actually human, I think they were elvish. When they died I sort of went into the world where they crossed over to whatever aftetlife they believed in. I saw two spirits lift up the soul of the woman and lay her down in the ground where she was sort of recycled into nature. She believed in reincarnation where you could turn into anything in your next life, including a bug or tree. I did not see what she reincarnated into. The guys believed in some sort of heaven, the same one in believed in. I knew we had known each other from this world before our lives here as well and we said goodbye as if we knew for sure we would meet there again as soon as I died as well. I was still really sad though that I wasn't going to see them for so long.