lucid dream and more

Date: 5/27/2022

By rembrandt

had a lucid dream last night, was crazy because i think this is only the 2nd lucid one ive had in my entire life, and the first one i had i woke up immediately after bc i got too excited anyway, in this dream i was in some kind of tibetan land, lots of natives + and was traveling on this quest of some kind. it was also somewhat like a video game and there were different levels. the people i met in the beginning were hosting us at their home, which was basically a nomadic tent. Oh i remember how i got there, i saw some girls phone and her flight ticket was to this place i’d never heard of, and the tickets were super cheap like $90 i remember on the map the place was somewhere in the middle east, but then when i was there i was in the andes. anyway, the native people i met were speaking french for some reason and i could understand them, they told me they spoke french as a form of resistance to the people in power. i guessed that was china? since they were tibetan. ok anyway, there were various things that happened but i wanna write down quickly the lucid portion of the dream—i was with a group of people, we were having a discussion, pretty sure i was with friends that i knew, old friends from middle school. and at one point during the conversation i just said anyway this is all apart of a dream, and pointed at everyone individually and said “you’re in a dream” and then i became lucid, and conscious of them all. they really didn’t answer me when i said that and continued to talk, but i got bored of being there, and remembered in my mind the time i had woken up premature previously, so i wanted to do something fun, and fast. i grabbed one of my friends and said to her: let’s go fly, now. so we ran out of the room and jumped out of a window. the location turned into some kind of treehouse in the clouds, so we leapt and flew around in the clouds. it was really fun. although i didn’t get so really see anything while flying, it was just clouds, because we were super high up in the atmosphere, probably where airplanes fly. above the clouds. then i stopped dreaming i think, maybe partially woke up. but then went back to sleep but it wasn’t lucid anymore and had a different dream. think it was a continuation of the video game levels or something, maybe not. anyway, ended up in this big clothing store with tons of people trying on clothes, mainly girls bc it was ladies fashion, some men were there too for whatever reason. it was some kind of field trip. i think it was a Zara? or something like it. but the clothes were really cute, which is why i don’t think it was zara. the building interior was all white and minimalism. clothes were on the floor bc people were just trying stuff on, on the floor. music was playing in the store via bluetooth on someone’s phone in the front. i connected my bluetooth to the speakers and started playing music from my phone. i was trying on various clothes for some reason everyone had to try on many different outfits for some kind of purpose. i remember some person being a leader of the group—or more, the parent, authority figure. me and my friends had to do everything she said. anyway, some anime music started playing on the speakers, at first i was like this song slaps, but then noticed everyone was confused and didn’t like anime music. so then i realized oh shit that’s my phone. when over and clicked next song, another anime song came on: it was tetsuwan birdy opening theme. clicked next again, more japanese songs. so i grabbed the phone and lowered the volume all the way and disconnected bluetooth. there was a pile of clothes in the corner bc i wanted to find something cute to wear to look better than my friends. emily was there looking through and i asked her if she’d see anything i could wear. she showed me a few pieces i liked, but realized that they were too small for me. so i got depressed the boss lady told me and my friends we had to go attend a lecture about women’s rights or something, and we needed to wear flip flops. my friends had already found theirs but i went to my spot, chair, location in the store where i had put my stuff but my flip flops were no where to be found. everyone was sitting in chairs, lined up like an assembly facing towards the front of the store. i looked beneath under, around, no flip flops. some other stuff happened i could remember. anyway, at one point people wanted to hear music again so i played something everyone would know, and told the boss lady everyone would like this one. night of fire—and everyone started dancing para para it was so weird, but cool i tried to copy everyone dancing. it was really crazy how they all knew the dance moves, but in my head i also knew everyone knew this song. can’t remember more after that, i know there were various other dream scenes in this “video game” world. but it was something of the nature of escaping some place, i think i was being shot at at one point by some kind of monster.