Little Girls Falling

Date: 8/20/2017

By FoodDreamer

So in my dream, I was on a class trip and we were almost done with the trip so we were checking out of the hotel. There were two buses standing outside the hotel and everyone was loading into them. I was one of the last ones in the line because I was making sure everything had been tied up properly with the hotel and all the bills have been paid and just as I was about to get into the bus, I turned around and I saw two little girls playing next to a really steep staircase going downwards. And they decided to slide down the stairs for fun. I felt like something had fallen inside my stomach and before I could get the words out and stop them, they were sliding/falling, their gleeful laughter filled the air. I fell down to my knees I had tears in my eyes because I knew that they were going to die. I could feel it. From the moment I'd seen them. And soon enough I heard the distinct sound of bones hitting and breaking on concrete. Their irritating laughter turned into eerie silence. And then I woke up.