Technology problems, Mean Girls, house tour, and running late.

Date: 8/2/2018

By carterhansen

4 dreams. 1. I was at school (ew), and I was listening to the Carrie the Musical soundtrack on one of the schools Chromebooks. Once class ended, I tried to pause my music, but it wouldn’t stop. In the next class, Mrs. Maki asked me why I was fiddling around with my computer, and I told her the music wouldn’t stop playing on it. She took a look at it. As she was helping to solve the computer problem, I received an email. The email basically stated that attached to it was porn. Mrs. Maki looked at me very disapprovingly. I tried to explain to her that I had no idea what this was. All of a sudden, porn videos just started popping up on my computer screen. At this point, Mrs. Maki realized that my computer was actually undergoing a virus, and I was not addicted to pornography. 2. I was at some family summer camp with my parents and brother. At the camp, they were serving subs and Asian food for lunch. I couldn’t figure out where the lunch line began, so I asked my dad. He showed me where it started, and I stood in line. At the first table for lunch was just a bunch of lotion and self-care products. I skipped over that table. At the second table was toothbrushes, shaving razors, and mouthwash. I grabbed one of each. I had approached the third table, which was serving subs. I showed the lady working what kind of bread I wanted. She toasted it, but I left the lunchroom without finishing my order. Outside, a group of kids and I were sitting around on a trampoline. I had the genius idea that I would direct a musical with all these kids, so I asked them, “Do you guys no who Cady Heron is?” Some replied yes. Some replied no. But one girl became very excited. Then I sang, “because HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW!?” This was announcing that we would be performing Mean Girls the Musical and I (a male) would be playing the role of Regina George. The musical was going great, and people loved it. We had this great number where Cady walked in, an we all surprised her. It was suspense-filled. 3. My family was taking a tour of a ginormous house. The owner of the house was a former coworker of mine. At his pool, he told us that there was a decapitated head found in the water awhile ago. Looking into the pool, I saw something that looked the be the shape of a head, but he assured me that it was just dirt. My dad chimed in saying that if it was a head, it would look like eggs (which WTF!?). I don’t remember anything else from this dream. 4. My best friend, Emily, had just gotten her drivers’ license and stopped at my house in the morning. We were both going to drive up to school separately. However, on our way there, we went the wrong way, and the needle on my speedometer broke off. We drove back to my house, and I fixed my speedometer. We looked at the time and saw that we were running late because it was 1 pm, and school usually starts at 8am. For some reason, we decided we would walk to school instead of drive. Once we had reached the end of my street, we saw a bunch of younger kids from our school. They told us they started school at one and were going to start walking over now. They told us that Emily and I started school at 12:30. In my dream, I really had no concept of time, so I figured if we walked back to my house and started driving, we’d be there on time. Then I woke up.