Zombies but alive, then a deadly climb

Date: 7/7/2019

By jikook69

I was just relaxing, when suddenly a car I didn't know pulled up next to me and told me to get in. After a short awkward drive I was at my cousin's new house, and it was really beautiful. I was walking around taking it in when I went to the kitchen and my Aunty's ex husband looked at me and smiled, his eyes glossed over and turned dark. Literally, where the whites of his eyes should've been there was a dark grey milky color. Then I turned and saw behind me my cousin's and Aunty's eyes were all the same, I backed away and ran out into the backyard. Which was huge, it was like they had an entire woods back there, but around me were people who had the same look in their eyes. And they we're getting ready to lunge at me and attack, and dream me was cocky, I knew I could fight them off (because in my dreams I always give myself super powers with strength and speed as a given). They lunged and I started busting out moves I didn't even know I had, I kicked and punched, elbowed and knees finally getting to a clearing encircled by a fences. Beyond were more fences with weird obstacle courses, it almost seemed like a game level. I felt relieved but also worried, I now knew I could beat this, but if I didn't I'd die. More people from my daily life started coming out but their eyes were normal, and I felt myself relax a little, they must have abilities too and help me fight them off. Soon we were kicking ass, but from the far side beyond the fence I saw a rather attractive looking guy, just watching me a playful grin on his lips. I glared, I was fighting for my life and he was just watching. It was too late that I realized that whatever was getting to people making them violent, was infectious. The more we stayed close to these people the less our chances of staying sane were. I gritted my teeth, and started fighting off a larger crowd, the San people were slowly starting to turn, their eyes changing color, but now they were red, and their heads all turned to face me. And this other guy who were the only sane ones left. I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the fence, and told him to start climbing, from then we were separated as the mob started climbing after us. The guy from before teleported next to me and he was floating in the air as he watched me struggle. "I can help you, if you enter and beat my ring, I can keep them from hunting you. " "Why can't you help me reguardless," He shrugged his shoulders and looked down, "They're getting faster make your decision." I agreed at the last minute and entered his game which was made up of a series of rocks that were sharp steep and far apart with chasms beneath that looked black and endless. He told me all I had to do was get to his throne on the other side of the course which was on the highest mountain. I groaned but started making my way there, almost slipping and falling, and blood ran down my body as I scraped against the sharp edges. Finally I made it to his throne and he picked me up, I was barely able to stand as he put his hand on my boob and groped me. My face heated up and I pushed him away, but I realized his touch had made me feel extreme pleasure I've never felt before, and his hand had healed most of small wounds. It had started healing the large lacerations on my ribs and thighs. I don't know what came over me but, I sat in his lap and let him touch me all over until his hand had found my entrance. He fingered me slowly and I was breathing hard and shaking in pleasure and he just stopped as I was about to climax.