School Themed Dream

Date: 2/28/2017

By LionFoot65

I was at this show that I was performing for some reason and I was being asked questions about myself for some reason. The audience was really small and I was standing there feeling confident the whole time. In the next scene I was in this classroom where this one big tall guy kept trying to bully me by threatening to push his finger through me. When he confronted me, I beat him up by doing some judo trick so that he was on his stomach. Then I grabbed his feet and started slamming his whole body against the floor so that his face got really bloody and I knocked him out. Everyone was standing there in stunned silence and then the teacher started getting on my ass for doing that. Apparently I was getting hate from the teacher and the bully because I was Mexican lol. IRL though I never got bullied by any students in school. For some reason the bully then woke up so I decided to provoke him by making him flinch by pretending to swing a chair at him. When I told him he was a scared little bitch. He got really really angry and swung a chair really hard at me but the dream stopped right before he hit me by ending with a white screen and subtitles as if it was a movie. In the next scene I was with some family taking a picture at this ranch or something. When I went through the barn house or whatever there was this boss like from a video that I was supposed to fight and it was this really girly girl that kinda looked like Harley Quinn lol. In the next scene of the same dream I think, one of my teachers were getting on my ass to do my work after she humiliated this other girl who had some good reasons for why she wasn't doing her work. I, on the other hand kept stalling to do it lol.