Scary space station

Date: 5/11/2017

By Spooped_gurl

I was on some sort of space station and was hiding from these people and robots. The whole place had this super scary and oppressive feeling and I remember seeing giant turret like robots kinda like spiders. They were really big, maybe about half a size of a sedan car. There were a ton of people looking for me. I remember crawling through duct work and everything was dark and creepy. Mostly shades of gray and blue were the colors I remember. I also remember this woman about my age with me. We split up to do whatever it was we were sent for. I also remember being in radio contact with some dudes that were warning me that the people were aware that I was in board and ramping up search and security parties. The radio dudes were freaking out telling me to get out of there and then was cut off. I think I was doing reconnaissance and also trying to shutdown parts of the station. I think I was making my way to maintenance or engineering. These people were doing something to peoples souls and putting them in the robots. They were soldiers of the man that keeps showing up in recurring dreams of mine. I remember having the vague feeling something awful was going on the space station and being creeped out by that too.