donkey mouse and wolf and god

Date: 2/19/2017

By kidden

I was with my sisters but Molly was a donkey I was a wolf and Rosie was a mouse. So we had been wandering through the jungle for years then we came across this really fancy neighborhood where everyone had pools and we were animals so I was like let's just drink water straight from the pool and we were drinking the pool water and a woman came out and tried to shoot us so Molly the donkey kicked her and knocked her out and we ran off to another house then we were inside someone's house and they said they would take care of us but when I looked at the pictures on the wall I realized it was my weird middle school teachers house and I was trying to warn my sisters Then I was a human an d I was at a special McDonalds with my family and saw a huge playground and wanted to take pictures of it but I didn't want to get in trouble for taking kids pictures Then I was talking with a child who claimed to see God and the child said that god has a sense of humor and was very goofy. Finally I dreamed I was stuck in a Disney store with my sisters and we were locked in and Rosie found this door and opened it it ed to a dark basement and when I looked in I noticed that it was full of broken Disney toys and I was like "we are not going down there that's full of nightmares"