Date: 6/12/2019

By Celticrai

Was on a picnic table in the middle of a lake. The water was black and dirty, with bits of leaves floating in it. It looked like it was November, the sky was grey and the trees were barren. The table was set up so it was out of the water, a large bucket was at one end, pumping water over the top. Sometimes little fish or tadpoles would squirm across the top. I had a sense of foreboding. I took a running start and jumped in the water so i could swim to shore. I went under and something grabbed my ankle. I managed to get free and get to shore. There were several Victorian farmhouses. I started to head toward one and several dogs rushed out,barking and growling. I ran next door and pounded on the door. The dogs closed in. I kind of shut the screen door on myself to protect myself. A German Shepherd leapt up tried to get me through the screen. Someone opened the door behind me and I tumbled in. A red haired woman was gently shooing the dogs away. I was in a Victorian sitting room with the red haired lady, a black haired lady and a guy with black hair. They were all dressed in Victorian fashion. I looked down an had on a red velvet blazer and a black dress with flowers embroidered on the bottom. We went out the front and found a crowd of Victorian dressed people. On older woman looked at me and sniffed “I guess that will do”. She was dressed similarly to me, but in pink and green. They seemed like they were waiting for something, but my alarm went off before I could find out.