The dollar store

Date: 5/31/2019

By larrybestboi

I had a dream where I was in this random dollar store , it was more so like a thrift shop . There where brown books with MANY books about makeup as hair . I read them with izzy. But then Izzy just disappeared and I grabbed this book that had a gif . It was of Miles Maralous .then he takes of his mask, and then he is Peter Parker. The gif not only scared me a bit, but also hurt my brain. Then I suddenly got thrown into the gif. He was in a bedroom with a Huge hole in it. On the other side of the hole was the same room. Peter Maralous person was running from the other hole , and then running to the room I was standing in . I watched this live gif , over , and over , and over again. The bedroom was blue and the carpet was blue , dark blue. Then I just woke up .