Classmate tried to finger me

Date: 2/12/2017

By anell

In my dream, it was my grandfather's birthday. My aunts wanted to have a birthday party for him so they also organized a part when me and my cousins will dance. So in order for us to be able to practice and to be complete, we stayed a hotel. We started to practice and my uncle told me not to join anymore. So I went back to the room and along the way I saw my classmate (let's hide his name a romeo). Romeo was surprised to see me and went to the room with me. Then it skipped to the part when my cousins were in the room with me and romeo. Romeo was still standing in the balcony, I was lying down on one bed using my phone, my cousin was on the other bed also using her phone, my other cousin was on a chair also using his phone. I was using the blanket but only to cover my thighs and romeo went along and laydown beside me. While lying down I didn't notice that romeo tried to finger me until I saw my cousin doing something with her phone. I laydown on my side to look at what she was doing but I saw romeos hand very close to my vagina. In my dream, I kinda wanted him to do it. And that's all I can remember.