Strep and Mario

Date: 4/18/2017

By seascarlet

I was at my childhood home in my sister's twin bed. I was in the middle with my sister on my right and my dad on my left. I was telling them about how I'd found a new room in a level of an old Mario game I'd had for years. On an upper level of the room there were chain chomps. When Mario went up there, he too became attached to a chain and couldn't break free. As I was telling them this, a cold sweat suddenly washed over me and my throat started hurting. I suddenly had a fever. We somehow deduced I had strep. I had been afraid before that I was going to catch a cold that one or both of them had recently had, but was at the point of bragging about not catching it. Dad commented on the irony of this, and also said he'd never seen anyone get sick so fast.