6:00 AM

Date: 7/30/2017

By drunchee

I've been woken up super early by my mom. Thinking I have early morning practice I start to get ready. Instead she says we have to go to the school for some sorta bill to be paid. I go to the school in my moms car and as we park I notice every one of my classmates walking in a semi single file line to the Parish Hall. I try calling to this tall thin kid in a black sweatshirt, to ask why everyone is here, but he doesn't hear me so I almost yell out "Weasel!" Because of his appearance. Then I see Jackson and I ask him. He says last night all the classmates planned to meet up at the school and go to the 818 and eat. I'm sad cuz no one invited me. But, Jackson tells me not to fear because all the girls couldn't even go so they cancelled, and rescheduled for this morning. All of this was at 6 in the morn (in the dream).