Barking Dogs, Relationship Sabotage, Giant Ghetto

Date: 6/30/2017

By seascarlet

1: I heard the neighbor's dogs barking in my sleep and mistook their barks for Jeff sitting in a recliner going "Nope, nope, nope nope... nope." 2: My sister had a new boyfriend who came in town to visit. Jeff and I didn't like the guy at all, we thought he was a douchey frat type, and so we tried to sabotage the relationship. He sent Jenna some sort of questionnaire by phone that was supposed to test her compatibility with him, and we intercepted it and changed all of her answers to make her seem like she'd be a really crappy girlfriend. It didn't work, so we started trying to get the guy in situations where he'd reveal his douchiness to her, like making him mad. Eventually we succeeded in breaking them up somehow, but the guy was heartbroken and I felt bad for him. He said he'd known her for five months which was longer than I thought, and I started trying to imagine things from his perspective. I tried to make him feel better by playing his weird Pokemon game that he'd invented in which different colors of foam blocks represented different Pokemon, and you had to move them around like a puzzle. It seemed to make him feel a bit better. Then I tried giving him a pep talk about how people can be good people who deserve love, but just don't have the right chemistry. He left after that and I didn't expect Jenna to really miss him. She started crying after a while though and she and her friend were going to go after him in their car. I was worried then because if she talked to him enough they'd be able to compare notes and find out we broke them up on purpose. 3: I was on UTK campus giving a guy directions. I told him to absolutely not cross through a wall on an entire side of the campus, because on the other side was a massive and deadly ghetto and he would never get out alive. He nervously agreed to not cross that border. 4: I was having a dream within a dream that I was sitting in a bathtub perched up on some shelves in a large room like a stock room. I was listening to some metal band whose lyrics were about being cold and numb, and was using my mind to make the bathwater fit the lyrics until as I slipped into the water. As I did this, I turned pale and the water turned cold and blue, and the lights went from tungsten to florescent. Then I woke up into another dream in which I was asleep in my bathtub at my childhood home with Jeff. The walls were lavender like they are in my room irl, and there were holes and cracks across the wall we were facing, about halfway up the wall. Water was streaming through the cracks and turning the paint blue, and causing water and paint to stream into the tub with us, turning our bathwater bluish. I tried to wake Jeff up to show him, but he was slow to wake up.