The death of a family

Date: 5/5/2017

By AshWednesday

I was in my town house with my sisters when all of a sudden the inside of the house turned into the elementary school I attended. I, two of my sisters and other girls were trying to find a place to hide because we were running away from and unknown assailant. Some of these girls were children. We went into a classroom and then two men who were literally alligators just walking upright trapped us all in a science room. The girls were trying to evade them but it did no good, we were trapped by these monsters who were laughing at our attempts to escape from them. Then they finally revealed their intentions of raping all of us and then setting us free. I know in my mind that is was a lie and called them out on it. One of the alligators said I was right and they were going to eat us afterwards. When he said this we were all shocked and he grabbed me bent me over the table and when I struggled and tried to get away he said "don't worry, I'm going to do you anally." The other monster grabbed my arm and was about to bite into it when I screamed wait and was shocked when he did. After this I pulled away and we all ran but some of us were caught and the alligators turned into men and bent one of the girls over the table and began assaulting her, I heard her screaming. But I continued to run as the halls became darker and I hid with my sisters and the girls that had escaped with me. When it got dark outside and things were very quiet I crept out of the hiding spot and went back to the room the other girls were in, I heard loud crying and looked inside, I saw a girl who was probably ten years old bent over table being raped while the other girls cried in the corner being watched by the other man. I don't know how this happened but a small explosion went off and some of the nearby rooms caught fire. The setting was now a giant mansion and when this happened everyone started running around and screaming. I managed to get out of the house and I was outside of my real childhood home. It was dark outside and I ran to find people; I was invisible to the people I saw in the parking lot by the mailbox. I ran back to the outside of the house and tried to call the police on my phone but when I dialled 911 they didn't pick up or some random woman in Australia answered. I was getting really irritated at this and that's when I saw some adults coming back home from a party and ran up to them panicking and asked to use a phone , they were stunned and gave me a phone which I could not figure out how to use. I finally managed to call 911 on the 90's style flip phone and they answered. I told them everything I saw and that they needed to send a car immediately then hung up when I saw a group of five guys dressed in all black with ski masks on going up to the house with duffle bags. I ran up behind them and yelled cobra Kai's! Only one of them stopped and I yelled it wasn't worth it to go in there because two intruders beat them to it and I had already called the police. The leader Johnny then walked up to me without his mask and laughed before saying "if you called the police I'll go at it with you." I said "then go at me, we both know you want to." It was then he just grabbed me and was holding me tightly from behind by my waist. I didn't tell him to get off or stop him from putting his hands on me. I wanted him to. We went to the woods line and looked for my phone which I had threw in frustration and one of the people who helped me told me where it was laying. Johnny picked it up and handed it to me. He then proceeded to run his hands all over me and I again didn't stop him from doing this and even participated to calm my mind as I was being blinded by blue and red lights from a dozen cop cars on the scene. The police then let at least 20 people walk through the aftermath of what I now knew to be a mass murder. I squeezed through the people and came across a white girl who was dressed like it was the 80's and she said some racist comments about how we had to move the coloured people into the sky and it was as easy as throwing them up. She threw me into the air with the strength of the hulk and I beat the shit out of her and I'm pretty sure I killed her right there in the blood soaked house while she begged me to stop. I walked past dead bodies looking and crying for my sisters hoping they weren't among the dead. We then entered a room where I saw a little boy lying lifelessly on the ground and I broke down and started crying and shaking saying that was my little brother and I was supposed to protect him. I then saw two people lying in the bed of the room and ran over to them discovering my parents laying still. I screamed no and shook them saying Mommy daddy please wake up please don't leave me. Then to my complete shock they woke up and I saw they had slept through the whole murder spree. My mom woke up first and I told her and my dad what happened and they were completely nonchalant about it saying oh that's not that bad. I said I hadn't found my sisters and they were like it's probably fine don't worry about it. I was so shocked and when I heard people start laughing I woke up.