Dying frog

Date: 2/13/2019

By Brianna

2/12/19 I dreamt I was holding a large green frog in my hand, a frog that was on its way to being set free to a nearby pond. I walked along with my boyfriend, Jeremy, down a long and unfamiliar backroad. I was happy to venture out and let the frog roam free. He was so big that I couldn’t clasp him inside my two hands securely. His body lay across my left hand, his two frog legs dangling by my wrist and my thumb tucked underneath his armpit and gently lying across his back. I would simply cover him with my right hand. Then, I noticed something wasn’t right about the frog; he wasn’t moving or making noise. When we stopped to check on him, what we found was horrible. The frog, that was almost dead, was bleeding out from its sides from holes that appeared to have been created by bullets. I threw the bleeding frog down to the ground in disgust, and checked my hands for frog blood. I started to wipe my hands on the ground in frustration, only to notice I was wiping my hands on hundreds of other frog carcasses. I looked up to discover Jeremy had disappeared. Terrified and crying, I went back to my Meme’s house where we had been staying. On the way there, I got caught in a lightning storm. It rained hard and heavy and when I finally approached the door, realizing I had been locked out, I looked up to the sky - and I woke up.